The day I turned Twenty Three

I remember when I was young, birthday is always the lovely day to be waited every year because there would be cakes, presents and celebrations waiting for me. As I grow older, birthday no longer the day I looking forward to because it indicates another day of me growing older. Adding numbers toward my age is not feeling that good.

At the same time, you will start to notice who are your true friends that remember your big day, plan something sincerely or buying presents just to make you feel that you are the happiest girl on the day. Even a simple wish will do.... seriously. A simple call, a simple text or the willingness of sparing their time to wish or celebrate with me simple make me feel glad that I have them as a true friend.

On the other hand, I believe that birthday is not a celebration for myself. I rather treat it as a day to send my gratitude towards my mum who gave birth on me on this day 23 years ago. The pain she suffered to bring me to this world and I am here now standing healthily . All of this happen just because of her. Without her, I wouldn't be here celebrating with all my friends.

That is the reason why I have been trying my very best to take care of my sister on behalf of my mother. At the same time, I volunteered to celebrate Vesak Day or even organised for UNIBUDS because I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Buddha for giving me such a great mum. Mothers' Day, Vesak Day, My sis's Birthday and My birthday all happen in May. That is the reason why May is the best month of the year for me.

If you ask me what do you think about your 23's birthday? I would say that I was surprised. Seriously I was shocked with the surprise given. Thank you everyone who put in the effort in making it happens. :)

"Happy Birthday to myself, Wee Han, Justin and Kassie. All the 14th May Babies. I wish every single one of you had a lovely day yesterday."

P/S: I love you mummy! ^^









P/S: 新年快乐=)

Twenty Eleven

I can't believe my last post was dated back in September 2010. Under the "edit posts" column, a number of unpublished post is sitting underneath. Why are they not published? Because they are just not supposed to be published. :P As someone told me before, blog is a public platform where everyone can access easily. So, please be aware of your posts. I would then ask myself... then what is the purpose of blogging? Maybe I should change back to write my diary. =)

So what have I been doing since the last Autumn? A lot of things... On the 31st December 2010, I went to countdown with a bunch of friends in North Sydney. It was my first experience taking a train across Sydney Harbour Bridge. *ok... I know it's epic failure* Besides, it was my first experience counting down in Sydney too. That day was really unforgettable. I saw a smile on everyone's face. =) I told myself that I will want to count down again in the coming year for sure - In Sydney.

How about Chinese New Year? I feel like Christmas eve instead, the whole night was so silence. Although there seems to have a lot of celebration in China town, the atmosphere is still can't beat Malaysia's. Again, my first Chinese New Year in Sydney this year. I feel that Christmas is more happening that CNY in Sydney. And I am missing home now.

I had my first Christmas, New Year and Chines New Year in Sydney... all in one goal. What's next? Valentines' Day? lol Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fat Chai! Everyone huat dua chai! =D

P/S: And F*fu Joe is back in Penang. I wish her has a new journey ahead in coming year. All the best to her and everyone. One day, I will pack my bag to somewhere else too. =)

Thank You Dinner

So what I did on Saturday? Cook! I cooked the whole day basically because we were having Bodhi Nite Thank You dinner in the evening. My main dish for the night was Fried Bee Hoon!


Okay... I know the presentation is not attractive at all. I am not a Master Chef anyway. Haha. As long as it tastes good. Right Right? XD

Thank you dinner is an event for all the OCs to show their appreciation and gratitude towards their helpers. Thus, we as the OCs, need to cook for the helpers. I wonder when will our BIG BOSS cook for the OCs huh? :P Anyway, I hope they enjoyed it. Besides, we did some play back of the "golden" scene for Bodhi Nite too. In other words, it was all the funny scenes of everyone. What to do? UNIBUDS share laughter among each others right? =D


I believe everyone enjoyed themselves during the night. It brought all of us back to Bodhi Nite.

Photo credited to Eric Lam.

P/S: Good memories will keep deeply in everyone's heart... forever because all of us walked through the journey together. =)

30th Bodhi Nite

Hello World! I know my blog is collecting dusts again. *fuuuu....* Now it is time to update my diary. =) Where have I been up to recently? BODHI NITE!

For those who have been following my blog, you should know that Bodhi Nite is an anniversary celebration of Unibuds. Bodhi Nite is a special event this year because we are celebrating the 30th birthday of Unibuds. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be part of the organising committees this year to bring it to a success. Thanks to Mr. Chew for providing me an opportunity being part of the OCs. I do enjoy the whole journey with all of you. =)

Finally, we had our last OC meeting yesterday to draw a big conclusion for Bodhi Nite. Out of sudden, all of us felt that time does fly. We couldn't believe that we have walked through this process together for 3 months. Throughout the process, everyone is learning and growing through their mistakes including myself. Everyone did try their best! What I would like to say is... THANK YOU ALL MY HELPERS! You guys made Bodhi Nite a success too! =D

Part of my team =)

See? These are all my cars. Opps... Helpers. XD

I do not have a group picture with all my helpers but still thanks a lot for their help!

Erica! =D

One of my favourite pictures. =)

Besides, I feel that it has become a trend for my friends to gather in this event... every year. Thanks a lot for those who bought the tickets to show their support. Further appreciation to those who made their effort to attend as well! =D

Sheng Yu, Gee and Xiang Jie.

Apparently we missed Mr Teh this year. =( Anyway, still thanks Sheng Yu for making the effort to attend again this year! Thank you! Besides, Joe supported Bodhi Nite too this year! I didn't have a chance to take picture with her. We will have the chance again ya? =D

Anyway, so what is next? Thank You Dinner! All helpers are invited and it is time to catch up again! See you guys soon! =)

P/S: I am proud of my team!


Too many incidents happen today.

My emotion is just like the ocean.

Up and down without any symptoms.

Something ridiculous happened.

One word in my mind...


After all, I realise that he is still the best listener to me.

Always... =)

Sometimes it is very tiring to please everyone around you.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow is another good Friday.

P/S: I had a bad day....



伤风,感冒,喉咙痛,头痛... 全部一起来探望我.








P/S: 生病好辛苦啊!=(